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they cancelled ‘Twisted’ after it being in limbo for ages and now we’ll never get to find out what happened or see any more of it. and UGH 

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"Got a break in shooting and just hearing the news myself that Twisted has been officially canceled. Thanks for sticking with us through this long process of awaiting it’s fate and want to thank everyone who invested their time in the show. We had an unbelievably memorable time making it. Much love to our wonderful cast and crew and to you the viewers who showed us such amazing support."

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13 8 / 2014

13 8 / 2014

Well I have to say I’ve been expecting this for a while. Avan Jogia officially announced that ABC family’s Twisted has been cancelled. I know that the show was really beginning to unravel with its plot, but it was a really good run. I’m happy that I met all you dacey and Janny shippers; I’m happy that we eagerly shared theories about Regina’s killer; I’m happy that we even screamed about how horrible the plot was together! Yea the second half of season two sucked, but it was a really good run… It really was..

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So Sad, So Hurt, So angry

  • Scrolling through the Dacey tag is like looking at old photos and remembering how happy you once were with your Ex. Then you ask yourself how did everything go wrong and then you remember the writers of 1b were DACEY HATERS!!!!!!!

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Gifs #1 and #2 

Danny can’t even hug Jo. He is almost unable to even go through with his lie because he knows this will hurt in the end. But he hesitates to even return the embrace.  Notice his hand slowly moves to embrace her. His face shows he is thinking about not hugging her back.

Gif #3 

Danny is talking to Jo about his thoughts. Thoughts that Lacey put there. Which is important for my breakdown of what I feel is happening.  Danny is using the information that Lacey gave him to manipulate the situation to his advantage. Let’s not forget the past of the way Jo refuses to be with Danny as a friend unless he is into her romantically. That pattern has already been established.

But look at the way Danny adverts his eyes from Jo and stares away towards the floor. A definite sign of deceit.

Gif #4  

It has always been you, Jo. Again, why can’t Danny look her in the eyes when he says these words. Wouldn’t that drive home the point that she has always been the one. But he can’t even look at her because he knows the words are bogus.

Gif #5

Danny steps up into Jo’s personal space. This is a tactic that Danny is known to use to drive his point home. Danny needs to make sure Jo buys his words. He needs her not to doubt him because he knows the truth isn’t what it seems. So he says it is not about the trauma, which is the biggest clue that it indeed is about Trauma because it had to be on Danny’s mind at that very moment for him to bring it up.

Gif #6 and #7

Locker scene is full of Danny looking anywhere but in Jo’s eyes. Once again, why can’t Danny look Jo in the eyes? Even movies and television use the line. “Look me in the eye and say that.” To gauge the truth from a character.  If a character can’t look another character in the eye, it is a way for the directors, actors, and writers to tell the viewers that the character is lying without the dialogue changing. The hand squeeze was even a reassuring squeeze. I’ve given my child that squeeze when they were about to go sing in front of church.  

So there you have it. Why do I feel that Danny is not in love with Jo and there is a lot more to what is going on? It is simple. I am being shown that. Just like I was shown that Danny wanted Lacey. I saw the way he stared at her. I saw the way he couldn’t keep his hands off Lacey compared to not wanting to touch Jo.

To further my theory, Danny was only days ago telling Lacey he wanted to be with her more than anything. He was going to have sex with her only a day or two ago. Surely, that would make Danny look nasty if he jumped from Lacey to Jo. Remember Danny is all about the trio being friends again. So he wouldn’t do that.

Also, Jack, Whitney, and Charlie were in cahoots together. They targeted Lacey not Jo. Charlie was the one that went rogue as Jack said. Why target Lacey if Jo was the one? Danny must have written something in his journal that alerted this trio of enemies that Lacey was Danny’s love interest not Jo. Jo was a nonfactor to them. Charlie was the one that had an obsession with Jo that wasn’t part of the plan. So why Lacey even after Whitney knew they were broke up? Wouldn’t she not be a threat after the breakup? For some reason Jack still thought Lacey was the threat to their plans. He sent Charlie after Lacey before Danny even confirmed he had feelings for Lacey.

This is my Twisted analysis of Janny. It isn’t real. It will never be a romance. Danny is only trying to stay in Jo’s life to protect her from something but as the audience we are not yet privy to it. The only way Danny can remain in Jo’s life is through romance because the girl will believe whoever as long as they are willing to stick their tongues down her throat.  Manipulative Danny is back but he’s doing it with good intentions even if it is the wrong way to get things done.

Will I ever be proven wrong? I highly doubt it because Twisted in unlikely to get a second season. But I definitely can see this being done and where the Janny would make sense.

I agree with all of this. The fact that he can’t even look at her, tells me that he’s lying. And Avan is a good enough actor to pull this off. Even though the dream Jo had was disgusting and awkward, he still looked her in the eye. Avan is so good, he saved that scene. This was intentionally done by the directors. They would not have used this take, if he didn’t look into it. This was done on purpose to let the audience know Danny is lying. He even looked Lacey and Jo in the eye when he confessed that he didn’t kill Tara. And another thing, why did he have to tell her right in front of the window? He knew Charlie was watching. Danny could be in on what Jack, Whitney, and Charlie are doing.

Great point, Ravenbabe, Danny did look Jo in the eye in the Janny dream. Which as you said proves Avan is a good actor and will pull off what he has to do. Therefore, why in every scene where Danny is trying to convince Jo of his feelings, does he look at anything but her. Something is up! Thanks for giving more points to analyze!

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It’s worth the risk.

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Charlie: I fell in love with you, Jo

Danny: It’s always been you, Jo

Lacey: I’m worried about Jo

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Was anyone waiting for Whitney and Jack to kiss like 

They give off a weird vibe.  I don’t think Charlie and Jo are the only incestuous relationship….

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